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This summer, a few drone users committed the ultimate faux pas: interfering with firefighters. California emergency personnel were forced to halt aerial wildfire-fighting operations at least five times due to worries that nearby drones might get sucked into jet engines or tangled up in helicopter propellers. (In truth, no one really knows whether a small drone could take down a plane, but no pilot is eager to find out. The Federal Aviation Administration has said that it will begin testing the impact of drones on plane engines and parts over the next year.)
You may be unpleasantly surprised by the GhostDrone 2.0 price, but as soon as you start flying it with nothing but your smartphone, and taking some really impressive photos and videos with its 4K camera, you’ll probably agree with us that this drone is not a joke.
While many reviewers claim this is a tough drone, good for beginners, I’d have to say that were true only if you’ve played video games your whole life, and only if you’ve repaired computers. Because it still breaks easily and you’re going to have to replace motors and propellors very carefully. I got to fly it for about 90 seconds before losing control and I softly landed it in tall grass while trying to avoid a hard crash nearby- this thing really moves fast. One rotor shaved some grass and that was enough to burn out the tiny motor and nick that soft plastic propellor. So after much searching online I found parts and had to wait several weeks for a new motor to come from China. I believe there are now some available through Amazon that were not a month ago. Today I attempted to repair. There is no … full review
While on the subject that this thing was bought to be flown by a six year old, let me go ahead and say THIS THING IS DURABLE! Our first few indoor flights consisted of it rocketing into the ceiling, banging against walls, and plummeting back onto the tile floor (then I handed her the controller because I was clearly inept at flying).
The UDI U818S quadcopter is available for sale on  at a reasonable price for a mid range device . It costs a lot less than competitors like the walker voyager and the Parrot Bebop and it packs a punch in terms of features and performance.  As far as value for money goes it is the closest you will get to a professional quadcopter drone in this price range.
The Voyager 3 has the unique distinction of being fully controlled by either the conventional 12 Channel F12 E RC controller or by a smart phone all thanks to the Walkera smart phone Android app. A “MIX” switch that is on board the F12E RC controller allows one to seamlessly toggle control between the either it or a smart phone.
The DJI Phantom 4  is an exceptional drone which is elegantly designed with subtle curves and clean white lines. The latest model, now in its fourth version, has many advantageous features now found in many other drones. Controlling this drone is a little smoother than in its 3rd iteration. A flight app from DJI drone for sale is offered both on iOS and Android for controlling flights directly from your smartphone. Collision avoidance is a big issue with longer flights, and this feature is included with the Phantom 4. Object tracking is also part of collision avoidance and included here too. The range is a full 2,000 meters which are massive; it’s difficult to imagine needing a longer range than this. Flying time is maxed out at 25 minutes which is at the top in this professional class. The camera offers the latest HD 4K video recording standard and 12-megapixel photos for expansive imagery. It is hard to fault the DJI Phantom 4; until the Phantom 5 comes out at least.
The sky’s the limit when you find the right aerial drone for you. Whether you’re looking for a fun remote control toy or a professional-grade quadcopter camera drone that captures all your adventures in stunning detail, you’ll find a great assortment here, plus get some help with your selection.
This is the second time DJI is featuring on this list and for good reason. The DJI Mavic Pro is a great drone, but the Inspire 2 goes a step further in its video-capture prowess. Make no mistake – this drone isn’t for beginners. It costs a whopping $3,000, but the result is pro-level video quality that should work for any filmmaker looking for a drone.
Easy to fly and convenient to maintain, the Navig8r 6 Axis Drone with 640×640 FPV WiFi Camera has one-button take-off/landing, automated flight, blade protection, and removable batteries to let beginners focus on enjoying each flying session. It also comes with headless mode to prevent left/right rotations and make itself easier to UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 offers plenty of excellent features for a very reasonable price. It has 4 channel function, which offers easy operation and stable flying.