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Industries have come to realize the big potential in this new technology. New drones are being released to the market every week, each one aiming to bring new improvements from its predecessors. More flight time, faster speed, better camera quality, more useful and amazing features, all at the tip of your fingers and the sight of your eyes! Yet, the big question still is: from all the drones in the market, which one best fits your needs? We at Drones Globe have a goal. The goal to guide you and help you throughout this new technology, informing you on the best products for your budget. Money is important. Your money is important. You should spend it wisely. At Drones Globe you won’t regret your buy, we discuss every detail of a product and compare to other same price drones, so you can always have the best bang for your buck! Further in this article we will discuss the best drones for sale currently in the market for each type of budget. But first, if you are a beginner you may want to consider this:
 Make sure you always have your drone with you when you go on a trip. Light as a feather and small enough to slip into any bag, you can take your drones with you wherever you want. Don’t miss an opportunity to capture the moment from the air!
I really liked this drone because of how fast I learned to fly it and that the camera quality is superb for its price! The LED lights that is installed in the drone already makes it more fun to go outside during the night and fly this little baby. Overall I liked the product and would definitely recommend this to another friend of mine so I can have a drone buddy to fly with. I received a sample drone for my honest unbiased review.
The Yuneec Q500 Typhoon comes bundled with the ST10 Personal Ground Station controller, which is a 10-channel, 2.4GHz transmitter and 5.8GHz video receiver. It uses traditional RC joysticks to pilot the drone, and it comes with a built-in Android mobile device that has a 4.5″ touchscreen to view FPV videos. While a 32GB SD card is all that is included, the Typhoon supports up to a whopping 128GB card.
Syma X8C Venture is a large size quadcopter with a design similar to the DJI Phantom. It has a nice smooth flight, it can stay on air for around 10 to 12 minutes which is very good. It can go as far as 100 meters distance. Depending on the package version it may come with a 2MP or 5MP camera. Its only feature is Headless Mode.
HT F803C is a great little quadcopter, easy to fly. Control distance of 100 meters and as a flight time of 6 to 7 minutes. It has a very decent built in camera of 1MP. Many will agree this is one of best drones of this size (nano).
There are many camera drones the market, but along with cofounder Henry Bradlow, Balaresque had created a product with a unique attribute. “It flies itself,” Balaresque told the Haas crowd. Using a combination of a GPS tracking system and visual recognition, the pair designed the camera drone to follow users wherever they went—like magic, without the need for a remote control. It was lightweight and portable, designed for both the novice traveler and the hardcore adventurer.
With a battery life of around 11 minutes and 8 GB storage, there was a lot I could capture and store in one flight. And while one battery was being recharged, I worked with the second battery to keep me in the air even longer.
GPS and GLONASS allow the Voyager 3 to attain precise stability and accuracy in its flights. The WayPoint feature allows the user to upload a flight plan which then enables the Voyager 3 to auto-hover and proceed automatically as per the flight plan.
If you’re looking for compact and affordable drone to test your flying skills and maybe take a few photos for fun, Syma X11C might be the right choice for you. This mini quadcopter fits in the palm of your hand and is made of high quality plastic that can withstand a lot of crashes (and we do mean a lot).
On top of that, it is also impressively stable allowing you to take excellent aerial shots of your favorite moments (you will, of course, need to provide it with your own action camera since Traxxas Aton does not come with one). This is all made true by the 2 flight modes it features (not counting in the expert mode which allows you to take full control over your UAV). If you want top speed, pick sport; if you want to record aerial footage, pick film. It’s as simple as that! To top it all off, Aton also features a powerful smart battery which can endure more than 20 minute of flight time.
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Learning to fly a drone begins with learning how not to crash. That process begins with mishaps, so an aspiring pilot needs a drone that is tough, but also cheap enough that losing it in a tree won’t bankrupt them. The UDI U818A has a great range of features for the price, and it’s easy to fly. The four-loop style frame protects the large rotors in crashes, and the rotors are cheap (under $3 a set) and easy to replace if they don’t survive. A bonus for beginners is the included 640 x 480-pixel video camera attached to the body. It won’t produce the work of Stanley Kubrick, but it will give you a whole new outlook on flying.
Last but not least – Part 107 will cost you $150, and that’s only if you pass from the very first try. If you happen to fail, not only will you have to wait for 14 days to retake the test, but you will also have to dash out $150 again.